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(1)500 Landmark: ITS Tactical

Way back here (when I reached 500 followers) I did a bunch of feature posts on the pack configurations of all my favourite blog writers. ITS Tactical replied after I posted them all up and I’m only just getting round to posting what they sent now.

The first is what Bryan carries in his ITS Tactical Discreet Messenger Bag. These are great bags that have a low-profile but are highly functional. Obviously there’s a bunch of ITS kit in there, but one addition I really like is the Grid-It organiser panel. I own one myself, and I must say they are really handy and easy to use.

The second image shows a different configuration of the Messenger Bag in foliage. I think the red pull tab and support cord (that stops the pocket from falling completely open) sets these pockets apart from many others. I like that ITS Tactical has taken these two great pieces of functionality and added to their pack.

Check out ITS Tactical here (or the blog here) and thanks to Mike at ITS for pointing me in the direction of these shots.