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Custom Micro SERE Pouch: Update 01

I got the next stage done of my own version of TAD/ITS Tactical’s Micro SERE Pouch here.

First was sewing the binding around the edge, which fixes in the elastic webbing either side. I started at the bottom (as you can see from the poor start!) but I quickly got the hang of it going around. The top left hand corner came out the best, I’d definitely pre-cut the binding to allow for a tighter fit. Next I fixed the loop patch in place on the strap and finally attached that webbing to the back of the pouch. You can see in the second shot that I manage to sew it on backwards and had to unpick it (the lesson here is double check and double check again!).

It’s nearly there now, I just have to divide up the elastic webbing with some stitching and then add the binding to the top. But as you can see, it’s taking shape. Got to get working on some new ideas now.