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ITS Discreet Messenger Bag

Here’s some snaps of ITS’s messenger bag which I think it’s pretty cool. I’ve been using my messenger this whole last week and have a new found respect for their ease of use whilst travelling over short distances and when frequent access is required. 

Outside pockets here is great for even quicker access to the items most used, i.e. water bottle. A top grab handle is also great for lugging the thing around when it’s not over your shoulder. The option to cover up the hook and loop panel is a nice feature to give it a really discreet look. I saw this bag when I was first looking for a messenger, but felt I couldn’t justify the extra cost, especially as I wasn’t sure I’d need all the functionality, so I went for a well featured laptop messenger bag at the time. Definitely still like this and hope to review it at some point!

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