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Submitted by: Ashley from The New Artemis

I requested these images from The New Artemis after she mentioned her pack here (see her comments on the reblog). 

I’ve always been a major fan of black bags as they seem to universally fit into most situations. I also love it when people bring a splash of colour to attach their individuality to a pack.

Here’s what she wrote:

It’s a Red Rock Rover Sling Bag in black, and the side pouches are from Fox Outdoor in OD Green. (Actually, the pouches are intended to be dual pistol mag pouches but I use them to hold my knife, multitool, lockpicks and lighter.) Black and green is one of my favorite color combinations.  

This pack is my everyday pack. I’m on the go a lot and having a regular messenger bag just didn’t make me feel prepared enough—plus, I always have an issue with my purse/bag straps sliding off my shoulder. I opted for a sling bag because it leaves my hands free and stays close to my body.

On my bag, I have the Triple Aught Design expedition patch and a zombie response team patch. I have quite a few patches so I like to change them up a lot. 

In my bag, I carry:

- Kershaw Cryo
- Leatherman multitool (I believe it’s a retired Wave)
- Lockpicks
- Coleman first aid kit
- Leatherman carabiner accessory
- Flashdrive and car/work keys
- Bic lighter
- Tool roll for extra items (bobby pins, chapstick, etc.)
- Moleskine paperback notebook
- Gel pen
- Timberland wallet
- HTC One phone
- HTC Beats headphones
- TAD shemagh

I love this neat little pack, and the simplicity of the carry too. It’s not overloaded with unnecessary items, and inspires me to re-think what I carry. The small size of the pack would keep its overall weight at an EDCing level by limiting how much could be carried. 

Those mag pouches in OD Green look super cool with the black and would work well with the OD Shemagh whenever that’s worn. I also like the red, white (silver) and black theme going on with the gear inside. Similarly, my gear seems to follow a loose black and red theme.

It’s not often that I hear of people carrying a tool roll. It’s classical, WW2, canvas style just speaks of it’s reliability and heritage. That same heritage is also shown off in the old style Leatherman tool. Two nice additions to an otherwise modern looking carry.

Definitely recommend checking out the full site too.