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First time seriously packing light having been inspired by Packlite ( blog. Pretty sure I’ve still got loads to learn, but have enjoyed taking a different approach.

I’m heading down to Exeter for the weekend to visit my sister at Uni where she’s doing her Doctorate, I’m gonna be away for 4 days.

I picked up a couple of Snugpak bag organisers to help. When they arrived I thought I’d probably gone too small, but I was impressed with what I managed to fit inside them.

Inside the 1 litre pack I got 3 changes of underwear and the 2 litre pack has a shirt, 2 tshirts and a pair of shorts. Did not expect to fit that much in.

I’ve also got a McNett micronet towel which had a spare pocket which I managed to fit my walking socks and a knee brace (my knees been bad recently).

Here’s what I’ve packed:
1 microfleece,
2 pairs of shorts,
2 tshirts,
1 smart/casual shirt,
3 changes of underwear,
1000 mile socks,
Micronet towel,
Knee brace,
Water bottle,
Waterproof jacket,
Light shoes,
Washkit that could definitely be smaller!!
Everything I’d normally carry.

1 pair of trousers (pants if you live across the pond!)
Bamboo tshirt (super light and odour neutralising),
Walking boots.

I’m impressed overall with the Rush 24’s capacity. Plenty of pockets for organisation. It’s pushed close to its limits in terms of space. That said, without a renewed mindset I definitely would have been trying to cope through train stations with a suitcase.

Thanks to Packlite for your blog! Keep it up!