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Recon: Wraith Pack in MultiCam LiteLok

Pack by Grey Ghost Gear
Review by David Massey

I was caught off guard by this pack when I first picked it up and noticed how lightweight it was. The Wraith comes in 500D Cordura or the 100% Nylon LiteLok which is fantastic. Grey Ghost Gear offers their packs in many color and fabric options. This pack comes in Coyote Brown, Kryptek Typhon and MultiCam.

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Grey Ghost Gear & Reviewing Style

Grey Ghost Gear is a “Service Connected Disabled Veteran owned” tactical gear house with close ties to operators and first responders and you can tell by their packs. They know what they are doing. According to their website, Grey Ghost specializes in “utilizing new fabrics and emerging camouflage patterns to ensure that our customer is afforded cutting edge designs and construction.” It’s nice to know that they are evolving and pushing the envelope. 

Here at Pack Config, we’ve had the privilege of receiving a few of their packs to put to our testing and reviewing block. We’ve purposely decided to split the reviews up into two parts (something I wasn’t a particular fan of until now) and we’ll be using this format moving forward. 

This initial stage of review will be our first look at a product. Its purpose is to inspect, observe, and survey (following the meaning of the word – reconnoiter). In this stage you will hear about our first impressions, the features and functionality we feel are worth noting and any other observations we make. The aim of this is to provide you with a real insight into the pack and help you decide if it is a product you could utilise in your lifestyle, before making a purchase.

The second part of the review will usually happen a good few months down the line from the initial Recon stage, after we’ve given the packs a deeper level of testing. This extra time will help us identify if any improvements could be made and if there are any long-term niggles. It will also allow the dependable features and endurance-level of the product to shine through.

We appreciate that everyone comes from different walks of life and will test a pack in different ways. Once we’ve released a Recon review, we’d like to invite any readers who chose to pick up the product in question (or those who already own it) to get in touch with their own thoughts. With these and our own testing, we will compile a truly informative Report.

A David Massey and Nat Wagstaff collaboration post.

P.S. Don’t forget to send in your submissions for the 3000 Followers Giveaway, where you can win one of these Grey Ghost Gear packs. Click here to find out more.


We are pleased to announce a MASSIVE addition to our 3000 Followers Giveaway. The 1st Place winner will have their choice of one of these two amazing Grey Ghost Gear packs, either in addition to the existing 1st Place prize.

Entries are being accepted now and the first will be posted up in the beginning of October. Although entries can be submitted up to the end date, the earlier you get them in the greater chance you have of winning.

For details on how to enter and, more importantly, how to win, click here.

Fast Pack Friday – TAD Junkies

David Webb, recently posted up an easy and non-invasive modification of the top compression straps, but more on that later. Firstly, I’ll let you admire the lovely MultiCam Fast Pack Litespeed. By keeping pouches to the left and right sides of the pack, it adds functionality but at the same time maintains a clean look. 

By using a ITW Grimloc Carabiner on both shoulder straps near the point that they attach to the pack, the top compression straps are kept in place whilst they are unclipped, instead of swinging down onto the ground. 

For a fuller write up do visit the TAD Junkies Facebook group, and if you’re not a member, consider signing up.

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Fast Pack Friday – TAD Junkies

A fellow UK packer, Derek Davis, recently won a large giveaway competition, including a Fast Pack EDC in coyote/tan. Together with his own collection of coyote/tan pouches he’s got a really nice configuration of pouches and accessories that really add to the already very capable Fast Pack.

I particularly like the PDW AC Mini Coil Lanyard holding the LensLight Mini TAD Edition flashlight and the great use of the shoulder strap and waist belt webbing. Derek has also used a twin ITW Grimloc D-Ring modification for keeping the top compression straps in place (more on this in another post today).

The full write up of this pack has been posted to our Facebook page, so visit the link below for the as much information and as many pictures as you could ever need.

Found here


Pack Config reach 3000 followers this week, and to celebrate we are hosting a Giveaway!!! The prizes have been generously supplied by Grey Ghost GearTriple Aught Design and Ru-titley. Unfortunately the Ranger Hoodie shown is most definitely NOT in the Giveaway (but it is currently being reviewed).

Entering the GIVEAWAY takes just two easy steps:

1. Recon
Take ONE photo of your pack, showing what you carry or how the gear inside is set up (for tips on taking a prize winning image see below).

Optional extra: if you’d like, feel free to write a short paragraph about your favourite things about the kit/pack. Those who have previously been featured on Pack Config will need to take a new/different photo. It can be any brand of pack, but it must show some kind of set-up, configuration or modification i.e. not just the pack fresh out-of-the-box.

2. Submit
Email your photo and paragraph to before the end of the November when the Giveaway finishes. 

How to win
The 3 winners will be the ones with the most popular entries. This will be measured by adding together the total number of interactions from: 
Tumblr (Likes & Reblogs), 
Facebook (Likes & Shares) and 
Twitter (Favourites & Re-Tweets)

The Giveaway will finish 30 November 2014 (the three winners will be announced in December), so make sure you get your entries in before then for a maximum chance to win. Entries will posted up from 1 October onwards and can be from anywhere in the world. Excessive reblogging/sharing/retweeting by the entrant will result in disqualification – you have been warned!

Bonus: Interact
We’d love it if you’d support the companies taking part in the Giveaway by Liking/Following Triple Aught Design on Facebook or Twitter, following Grey Ghost Gear on Facebook AND check out Ru-titley's site (and follow if you're on Tumblr).

Tips for taking your photos:
Good quality and well composed shots always get lots of notes. Here are a few links to the kind of thing we’re looking for and hopefully will inspire you: Second image here, here, here, here, here, here, third image here, here, or display your pack with everything in it as you’d have it set up: second image here, third image here.

All the best everyone.

Fast Pack Friday – TAD Junkies

Here is Geoffrey Macellven’s set up of a Fast Pack Litespeed with a good collection of matching pouches. I like the symmetry of the two BC4 pouches on the top row of webbing. This pack looks well used, which is also hinted at by the currently discontinued pouches. 

The combination of the black ITW Grimloc clips, the black/OD green of the patches and the coyote/tan of the pack set up makes for a nicely coherent colour scheme. 

My only suggested would be to move the Recon pouch of the fourth image or the RDDP of the third image either up or down so they’re even, but that’s only for the sake of OCD symmetry. They are probably more functional this way around.

Team Rubicon Patch: Shipping cost update

News has come to me that the shipping estimate ($5.50 per order) was a little bit over and the shipping charge for all US orders is $0.70!!!

With just over 100 patches left (from only 500 made) this is the time to get in your order before they are all gone.

If you have already made an order and you live in the US, please check your PayPal email address inbox for details of how to be refunded. I’ve given everyone who has already ordered a choice to either be refunded or donate the extra money to Team Rubicon and I’ve been blown away by so many of you opting to give that extra money to TR. That said I’m more than happy to give a refund of the extra money paid. If you haven’t received an email, please contact me directly by emailing

I’ve kept the “extra donation” option in the payment options (in the Pack Config sidebar) in case anyone who makes an order from now on would like to donate more to this very worthy cause.